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What is Ooga?

Learn more about the world’s first NDT Collaboration Platform.


Get to know Ooga

The Ooga Platform is designed to be a one-stop shop for NDT Issues; a single source where existing or emerging challenges can be quickly resolved. Experts are on call with experience, skills, and knowledge to address specific industry challenges. SaaS platform with on-demand access to data storage, management and computation resources. On demand access to data storage, management and computation resources.


Ooga is for all NDT professionals

Ooga users include your clients or customers or anyone using NDT/NDE or inspection technology. Your clients can evaluate data sets, receive training, or troubleshoot inspection immediately can easily access to the client portal. Any NDT professionals such as trainees, certified Level I, II, and III technicians, and/or consultants can connect to solve problems and provide inspection interpretation.

Ooga NDT Platform Features

Create secure NDT inspection projects

Safe and secure data uploads for project creators to ensure data sets can be reviewed remotely and accurately.

Simulated OTJ training (coming soon)

We are currently working on simulating on-the-job training projects to help support RT, CR, DR, DDA, CT, UT, PT, MT.

Share NDT resources

Start projects that can be shared virtually with other team members during training, live audits, or simply to see your NDT project being completed in real-time.

Choose from many NDT softwares

We are currently partnered with common NDT industry software packages for use of review of many NDT inspection methods. If you are interested in becoming a partner and providing your software, please contact us using the button below.

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