Enabling virtual NDT across the globe

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Connect people, processes, systems, NDT inspection data

Ooga’s NDT platform allows users the ability to connect directly to people and processes in real-time. The Ooga NDT collaboration platform is an internet-based platform connecting NDT professionals to clients and technology all over the world. It connects you to help solve problems, provide training, experience simulation, virtual inspection, remote imaging and much more.


Virtually perform NDT services, training, and mentoring

Imagine taking a practical exam from the comfort of your office, or business, without having a cost prohibitive system.

Ready to get get Level 3 OJT hours while virtually reviewing NDT inspection results?

How about getting immediate inspection results for CTQ product that requires Level 3 consultants?

What about working with large data sets while not having to wait days for transfer or physically share data?


NDT when and how you need it

Our platform allows you access to the best NDT/NDE software on the market today. From ultrasonics, to eddy current to computed tomography, gain access to connect to data like never before.

Looking for on-the-job training from the comfort from your home? Remote into our virtual reality headset to experience how to conduct a test specimen.

Want to provide a Level 2 practical exam to someone at a remote location? Now you can.

User Benefits

Remote inspection audits

Virtually perform NDT inspections from anywhere. Perform remote online audits of previous inspections.

NDT consulting

Remotely consult directly through the Ooga Platform for seamless communication with clients.

NDT mentorship

Level IIIs can perform remote NDT mentoring, guidance and advice.

NDT program setup & support

Get remote support from NDT experts on setting up your projects and ongoing support.

Cloud computing

Leverage the power of cloud computing to scale your specific NDT skills and expertise.

Multiple software availability

Leverage the power of the Ooga Platform to access popular NDT softwares and systems.

User Feedback

"I recently participated on the OOGA Technologies platform as a radiographic Subject Matter Expert. The ability to review a client’s innovations, data, information, and discuss the issues in collaboration with other SMEs and provide feedback was incredibly effective, ending with a very happy client and a rewarding professional experience."
Paul Deeds
NDE ANSI Level 3 & QA Engineer

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