One Platform To
Rule Them All


As a customer we connect your needs (imaging, data, issues) to a certified professional. These professionals have multiple years of experience supporting the world’s largest companies, making suggestions and decisions based on proven technology.  Whether your project is immediate or long-term you can trust the security and screening process has been vetted according to all the national and international certifying agencies.

As a consultant, apply your existing skills and earn a competitive rate from the comfort of your home.                                                                     

As a client or consultant, you will be connected to customer needs across a range of industries through a seamless and convenient network. You can collaborate, provide feedback, or perform a multitude of real-time evaluations and inspections from the comfort of your location. You will have access to online tools to engage and help you perform these transactions.

Key Features

Public & private discussion board threads.
Video / audio calls.
Live chat.
Search user base based on various provided data and connect.
Connect with peers from all over the world via the discussion board, video/audio, or live chat.
3D simulation for UT
Visual inspections for RT and CT.
Certification training.
Software training
Connect with an expert.
Sharpen your skills using a vareity of methods available on the ooga platform.
Access To:
Platform only content.
Keep your NDT skills current by exploring articles, presentations, and other industry related information.