An opinion of Dale Lynn

NDT always is a bit behind other technologies as far as training.

We hold back technologies that can improve thru put, reliability, and reduce cost simply because of a lack in the training work force. Other industry validates new technologies and tools based on Six Sigma style practices; this includes Gage R&R for new tools. This internal review for Aerospace is now required by Aerospace Prime Boeing; as well as NADCAP Check list standards. These requirements have you check operator variance based on performance.

Prior in my career I had the pleasure to work with a great team in combining internal Manufacturing ERP software with live dashboards. One could see in real time if extra scrutiny was needed. Either by piece part or operator variation. It also informed where audits are needed. The results were what we had hoped for. The system found many opportunities for improvement. Including training or other modifications needed.

I feel it’s time to take that same approach into the NDT Training space to help produce a more capable work force for the Digital RT Revolution.

Dale R. Lynn, ASNT Level 3, OOGA Technologies Inc. Director
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